Session:   I Only

Age:          5 & 6 years old, or Going Into Kindergarten / First Grade in the Fall

Cost:         Session I $340.00


Let’s investigate the world we live in! Wow! It is so magical. We will learn to differentiate between living and non-living things. We will look at nature, such as plants, animals, insects, and water.  Watch as we learn about life cycles, make observations and record what we see.  We will be investigators as we experiment with making Shrinkie dinks, create squirt gun volcanos, frozen trees and make our own bird feeders. We’ll skewer a balloon and see what happens! And let’s not forget, make ice cream in a bag. Yum!  Live Hermie and Fish will be visiting, and we’ll have fun as we create habitats of blocks for Hermie, so that he can creep around. So many questions to seek answers to!   Teacher Julie George is a teacher of the 3’s and 4’s at PVUMC preschool.