Session:   I & II

Grades:    2nd – 6th Grade

Cost:         Session I $340.00 (3 weeks M-Th) and Session II $290.00 (2 weeks M-Th)


Come join one of our most popular camps–the Sports Zone!  This is an all-indoor camp in PVUMC’s full-size gymnasium led by Coach Sarah Dommin, a well-loved 2nd grade teacher from Cherokee, and staff Rebecca Porter, Kolby Wacaser and Kenderly Wacaser. They will complete this action-packed team!

Activities include dodgeball, ga-ga, three-cone knockdown, beach ball volleyball, the Go game, various relays and many more great PE type games and activities. NOTE: If your child loves PE and recess, he/she is guaranteed to have a blast in the Sports Zone.