(Note time:  8:45-12:00)

Session:   I & II

Grades:    7th. 8th, 9th & 10th Grade

Cost:         Session I $260.00 (3 weeks M-Th) and Session II $180.00 (2 weeks M-Th)


Prerequisite: If new to the program, at least one year with Imagine That! as a camper and recommended by a camp teacher or current elementary/middle school teacher.

This is not a paid position.  Camp Assistant (C.A.’s) spots are limited. Preference given to returning CA’s. Most spots are in our younger camps. You will be starting your day at 8:45, joining Tani Eley, head CA counselor.   You will be getting to know your peers, chat about any problems that may come up during your mornings, keep a journal of activities that you do with your assigned camp and log in hours for credit toward community service. A brief training meeting will be scheduled for 8:00 the first day of camp for session I.  We want that special girl or guy who LOVES to work with younger kids, playing games or helping in art activities or possibly reading a story, but who also doesn’t mind doing some of the grunt work of a camp i.e., set up for water day or wash out those paint brushes, etc. POSITIVE OUTLOOK on life is required. Cell phones will be left with Tani Eley. They are not allowed in your morning camp program. You will be working under the supervision of your assigned camp teacher as well as general supervision under CA Head Counselor, Tani Eley, from P.V.U.S.D.