Session:      I Only

Age:             5 & 6 years old, or Going Into Kindergarten / First Grade in the Fall

Cost:            $340.00


5-4-3-2-1. BLAST OFF!! Water rockets and Alka seltzer rockets galore! So messy and wet! Perfect for summer camp! Gravity experiments, mission control play station, magnet exploration and so much more! So many activities planned, as we learn about and investigate the world of outer space.  Your 5 & 6-year-old will enjoy learning about the Solar System, Planets, Sun and Moon, Earth and Astronauts as we integrate science, math, literature, music and art. It will be great to “man” a space station, discover what “life” is like or not, on other planets, learn about what it is like for an astronaut inside a rocket ship, as well as many other fun-filled investigations. So, join us on this awesome “journey” as we visit what’s out there in the deep dark world beyond! Nancy Smith and Jeanne Foster, former 2nd grade teachers from Laguna Elementary in SUSD, are the Lead engineers/scientists/artists in this fun filled camp!