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Camp Registration


Enrollment does not guarantee a spot in your preferred camp. The camp registration lottery is complete and those who registered prior to March 1st will be notified by March 7  confirming your choices or offering open camp opportunities.  Registrations recieved on, or after, March 1st will be processed in the order recieved.


How to Register: Registrations are being accepted utilizing Google Forms Click here to be taken to the electronic Reistration Form  After completing the registration form you will receive an email that contains your input and Camp choices. After processing  is complete you will be contacted to confirm your requested camps or to offer alternatives if the requested camp is not available.

Camp fees can be paid by either Check or Zelle, and are due within five business days of the confirmation of your camp schedule.  If via Zelle, please use email If via mail, please address your payment to: Imagine That Summer Camp | 12749 East Laurel Lane | Scottsdale, AZ 85259. A payment plan available upon request, E-Mail for details.