I & II
Session I $190.00 | Session II $160.00
1:00 - 3:00 P.M.  

2nd - 6th


Find your star power and inner storyteller! Make LEGO Movies is a STEM & Creativity camp that teaches students how to use common household supplies (tablet computers and LEGO parts and figures) to make short movies using Stop Motion Animation. This camp will begin by teaching students the science and history behind movies--how they "trick" our eyes into seeing moving pictures--while they learn how to create motion on screen. Then we will explore our creativity as we develop stories, build sets and scenes, and give life to LEGO parts and characters and then edit and cut their movies with sound effects, music, voice overs, and even some special effects. Selected movies from each class will be shared with parents after camp ends, making a lasting record of the fun we had this summer. Teaching Staff from Bonanza Educational.  Check them out at