Sorry, This Camp is Closed  
9:00 A.M. - Noon
5 & 6


Calling all campers who love to cook and eat!  We will design our own aprons, chef hats and, of course, finish with a delicious cook book created by our Jr. chefs.  Don’t be surprised that your young chef will love their homemade pizza and bread and yummy blueberry muffins! All cooked from scratch — no box mixes in this camp!  We’ll have a sprinkle of manners, create table settings and have great fun with yummy food tales to complete this awesome camp!

Jenn Hayden and Kailey Hart are your Head Bakers. Jenn is a beloved kindergarten teacher at Highland Lakes in DVUSD, and past PVUMC Preschool teacher.  Kailey is PVUMC preschool’s beloved teacher of the littles as well as a baker guru in the British Bake off. Kailey also works at Astronomy camp!  We’ll have 2 camps, each with 12 campers. On the last day, both camps will create a party menu and celebrate together! 

** This camp may not be suitable for children with food allergies i.e. Eggs, milk, gluten, etc.**