Sorry, Both Sessions are Closed
Session II $260.00
9:00 A.M. - Noon
3 Years Old: Must be potty trained and turn 3 by June


Session I: Ocean, Rainforest, Desert



Session II: Insects and Dinosaurs



Session I: It is all about amazing animals all morning long!  Our focus will be learning about ocean animals, rainforest animals, and desert animals.  We will immerse ourselves in messy animal art activities, learn all about specific animals and their habitats, move and play like animals, and even have some fun exploring the science of real animals up close.  Courtney Gaintner is a 3’s teacher at PVUMC Preschool and former elementary school teacher with several years of early childhood teaching experience.  Tina Kapoor, a veteran teacher of 3 and 4’s from PVUMC Preschool, will be joining the fun.

Session II: Continuing the amazing animal theme from session 1, we’ll split our time learning all there is to know about things that creep (insects) and the giant dinosaurs. Nancy May is a teacher of the 3’s and 4’s at PVUMC preschool. Come join this warm and loving team, as they explore the wonderful world of the smallest and largest animals that live in our world!